Serving the legal needs of agribusiness-which we call Agribusiness Law – is a principal focus of our firm. For seed, nutrient and fertilizer companies; grain producers; food processors; distillers; alcohol manufacturers; and a host of related industries that help grow, create, label and bring America’s harvest to market in this country and abroad, we provide representation and counsel in a broad variety of matters including but not limited to:

  • the purchase, lease and sale of warehouses, terminals, real property, other agribusiness assets and companies;
  • drafting and negotiating agreements to protect confidential business information and proprietary rights;
  • prosecuting and defending pollution, crop damage, unfair competition, bodily injury and other claims;
  • the interstate and international transportation of agricultural products by barge, ship, rail and truck, including drafting and interpreting bills of lading, freight contracts, and track, switching and siding agreements;
  • pollution and hazardous waste, including how to protect against potential liability;
  • regulatory compliance programs, including but not limited to food labeling, since agribusiness firms face a myriad of federal and state laws, statutes and ordinances;
  • insurance coverage for comprehensive general liability, pollution liability, property damage, bodily injury and cargo claims.